Recipe: Mexican aspargus parmesan burger

These burges are load with all kinds of deliciousness, aparmesan parmesan burgur, grilled asparagus.

aspargus parmesan burger
parmesan burgur

I know for many, us included, Memorial Day is a great excuse to fire up the grill with friends and/or family. We try to keep things relatively easy with some simple sides like Mexican street ufabet corn salad and a few things to go on the grill. We try to change things up, but there is always a burger in there somewhere. 

Unlike fall, when we might feel more in the mood for maple turkey burgers, this time of year I’ll usually go a little more traditional or spring-like. Since we love roasted asparagus with parmesan, and asparagus also goes with bacon, it wasn’t much of a jump to create this asparagus parmesan burger with parmesan crisps.

These burgers might not have cheese in the usual sense, but there’s parmesan mixed into the burger and the mayo, along with a crunchy parmesan crisp on top. And it’s all so good.


Parmesan crisps are basically little stacks of parmesan melted down to form a thin, crisp chip. They’re almost like a savory florentine cookie and make a great snack.

I’ve based the parmesan crisp on Giada’s recipe on the Food Network site, and while I haven’t added extra in the recipe, I’d suggest making a few extra parmesan crisps as believe me, you’ll want some to snack on.

And by the way, if you have a window on your oven, watch them cook. I think it’s kind of fascinating to watch the stacks of parmesan melt down to a thin, delicate layer.

Don’t worry that they are soft when you take them out of the oven – they firm up quickly as they cool. I recommend using a silicone baking mat so they are easy to peel off and use.