On Earth Day, a look at local sourcing during the pandemic

Industry experts look at sustainability and sourcing more than a year since COVID-19’s onset.

The Chicago Tribune recently posted its new 2022 Readers’ Choice Takeout Awards. The winner of the Best Meal Kit, Daisies, had an interesting back story.  that guests had access to all the same ingredients used in Daisies’ kitchen. The logical next step was for the restaurant to assemble the ingredients into meal kits. Very good UFABET meal kits, considering the win.

When we look at the restaurant industry, it’s typically through a pre- and present day ‘pandemic lens’,

On Earth Day, a look at local sourcing during the pandemic

Before COVID-19 changed everything, including how we do business, many consumers dined out to eat great food in an engaging environment.

Explaining the popularity of ‘local’

“Everyone has a hot button in terms of what they care about,” says Larry Reinstein, president and CEO of LJR Hospitality Ventures. “Consumers generally want to spend their money locally. It gives them a good psychological feeling. They’re helping take care of the local community; that’s No. 1. They also want to know where products are coming from; that’s No. 2.

“There’s an association that goes with buying a craft beer and knowing it came from a small local brewer as opposed to some large facility far away. Or it’s something as simple as eating a dessert made from apples that came from the local orchard. Customers relate to the fact that it’s a local business, and, quite honestly, that it’s better for the environment. The product didn’t travel thousands of miles, and a lot of people are interested in creating a smaller carbon footprint.”