“Mexican food 6 recipes”, definitely delicious

Mexican food Menu from Mexico That, although far from the South in the Americas But it is very popular in Thailand with secret sauce from various sauces. It is believed that many people have seen some of the most popular Mexican dishes such as tacos, but actually Mexican food is more than just tacos. There are also many other menus that I have already heard of. But if you try to eat it, you will be guaranteed delicious! Plus, it’s been a long time until I want to eat it again!

Open Mexican food recipes


One of the famous menus of Mexican food. No matter who said it, it was so loud that many famous Mexican restaurants still use this menu as their name. So what kind of taco will it taste like? Let’s have a look!

Tacos, the perfect deliciousness Whether it is crispy that comes from the flour. The juiciness of the meat and the sauce in every bite is delicious. The main ingredients of tacos can be divided into 3 parts: flour, meat and sauce. 

The next part is the filling (Filling) that is stuffed with various meat. Whether it’s beef or chicken, add flavor with this tangy tomato salsa. Add the aroma with sour cream sauce And side dishes such as shallots, avocado, cilantro, cabbage.


A popular fast food Mexican dish, because eating a burrito requires no equipment Just pick up and eat. The burrito looks like a taco and has three components: Wheat flour tortillas Warm enough to get a sticky paste. Juicy ground beef May add texture too Mexican rice, red beans and cauliflower, finished off with a sauce to add aroma and flavor to the burrito. 

The burrito will have a different wrap style than tacos. The dough will wrap all the filling rolls and cover the end of the end. Another option for a burrito is a wet burrito. Which is a burrito wrapped in the same way But it will be served with a hot sauce and topped with cheese. 


Will notice that Many Mexican dishes include The same is the same as the Tortilla Nachos . Nachos are a great appetizer that children and adults will enjoy. Greasy cheese and crispy fried tortilla, anyone can’t resist. Add the sour flavor to the sauce with juicy tomatoes to cut the greasy. It ends with the aroma of guacamole ( guacamole) Mexican Dipping made of avocado. Chopped and seasoned Some restaurants may add deliciousness by adding meat. Whether it’s beef or chicken 


Enchiladas (Enchiladas) read, many people are probably wondering what it is, even if the name is unfamiliar, but if you see the picture, it will be familiar. Menu that is like a brother to a burrito. With a wrap Or even the gut inside is still similar So what’s the difference between a burrito? The difference is that the tortillas are made from corn. While the burrito will Made from wheat flour Enchiladas has a much warmer flavor thanks to a special chili sauce. And the baking process that makes Enchiladas even more juicy Will be eaten with Mexican fried rice Or mashed boiled beans is also delicious together.


This menu may be a favorite in the hearts of many people, especially those who love cheese. It is mostly eaten as an appetizer dish. It looks like a pizza. Therefore received the nickname of Mexican pizza This menu is to warm up the tortillas. Add your favorite meat, follow with cheese, cover with another tortilla. Bake until the cheese melts and smells good. It is most often eaten with ketchup or spicy sauce to cut the greasy and flavor this dish even further.


Mexican hot pan that many people may not be familiar with, but fajitas is another popular menu that many restaurants have adapted to their own recipes. Fajitas are usually meats, such as beef, chicken, or shrimp, that are sauteed with onions and bell peppers until fragrant. Serve them in a hot pan and pair them with a chewy tortilla.If you like cheese, you can also add cheese and a Mexican avocado dip (Guacamole) for an extra flavor. Add tomato salsa (Pico de Gallo) to cut the greasy flavor. And other common ingredients like Sour Cream or Tabasco sauce to add a variety of flavors to the fajitas as well.

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