Lemongrass nectar, herbal drink, lemongrass juice can help reduce pressure. How to make lemongrass drink The secret to doing is to chew the fragrance oil. Season to sweet and sour.

Today’s popular recipes offer a cool, fragrant, herbal, healthful menu, Lemongrass Juice. Boiling the lemongrass to fully smell the essential oil, seasoning with syrup and fragrant lemon. It is a familiar herbal drink. Many people wonder if lemongrass can be eaten fresh or not because lemongrass has a strong smell. Lemongrass drink We squeeze the juice from lemongrass mixed with syrup to help flavor, add sweetness to the drink, smell fragrant lemongrass, lemongrass juice, herbal drink to relieve indigestion, colic, diuretic, sweaty, help detoxify the body. Lowers blood pressure

Ingredients for making

  • 1 lemon grass, chopped
  • 1 cup sugar and water
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon salt

How to make

  1. Start making lemongrass drink. From boiling the syrup first by bringing clean water. Come to boil add sugar. And salt and chew over low heat until. The syrup turns yellow, indicating that it works.
  2. Then boil the lemongrass juice by bringing the lemongrass tree to crush. Then bring to a boil. By boiling over low heat Slowly chew until you smell good smell.
  3. Season the lemongrass juice by mixing the water from the lemongrass boiling filter. Before mixing it with syrup and lemon juice as desire.
  4. Then bring the herbal juice to cool to cool. Serve the lemongrass juice cool.

Tips for making

  • Lemongrass must be crushed before being boiled over low heat and gradually accelerate the heat. Lemongrass essential oil gradually comes out to get the full benefits of it.
  • Filtration is essential for keeping drinks healthy.
  • Sugar for making beverages Opt for brown sugar because of the brown sugar. Will give a glimpse Suitable for making it.
  • Salt for adding a pinch of salt to the sugar will help keep the syrup sweet and slightly sweet. Will help to achieve more mellow

Lemongrass, local herbs Not just for cooking, giving the aroma or quenching fishy, ​​can be used to make drinks with sweet and fragrant it.


Lemongrass juice relieves indigestion, colic, diuretic, sweating well, helping to detoxify foreign bodies in the body. Lowers blood pressure