Baking Jen Yee’s Sesame Chiffon Cake Makes Me Feel Like a Pastry Professional

Delicate, flavorful, and light as air, this cake is fancy Chiffon Cake quality but deceptively simple to make at home.

I am but a simple UFABET girl, and I bake simple desserts. But under no circumstances will I re-create these things in my home. My sweet tooth is sharp but my patience is thin, particularly when it comes to finicky baking recipes; if you come over.

Sesame Chiffon Cake Makes Me Feel Like a Pastry Professional

It is this mentality that—if I do say so myself—makes me a good dessert recipe tester at work. I approach the cookies and buns that we publish on Epi with the same dubious squinting that our most baking-weary, regular-degular readers do: Is this going to take me four days? Do I need a special pan? Will it use up all of my eggs? Why are the instructions so long? Would I ever really make this again? For project bakers and experienced types, these concerns likely do not matter. But for the people like me who prefer to dirty as few bowls as possible when making dessert (mostly because we happily made a mountain of dishes while cooking dinner), please know that I have our best interests at heart.

I knew I had to bake this chiffon cake, developed by James Beard award–winning pastry chef Jen Yee, the moment I saw the recipe and reference photo.

But the ingredients list was curiously simple and the method so straightforward I was sold in an instant. Yes, it required a special pan (a 6-by-3-incher, which is sweetly slender but extra tall—Bill Clark sings its praises here). But aside from that, the process was a breeze: Whisk together a basic batter, fold in stiff meringue, pour it into a sesame seed–coated pan, and call it a day.