Tips for Buying Quality Meat That’ll Ensure You Get the Best

Heading to the Meat butcher can easily turn into the most daunting part of a trip to the grocery store.

How to Order at the Butcher

Tips for Buying Quality Meat That'll Ensure You Get the Best

Before you freeze and head straight to the pre-packaged meat display, set yourself up for success by coming prepared and researching the dish you want to make ahead of time.

Figure Out How Much You Really Need to Buy

Portion control is one of the trickiest things to perfect when it comes to ordering at the butcher. You don’t want to over-order and risk your food going to waste, or underestimate how much your family or guests will eat and leave them feeling hungry. 

Once you have a good ufabet idea of how much your family or guests actually eat, you can then make adjustments on your serving sizes and how much you order the next time around.

Learn How to Talk the Talk

Once your butcher knows exactly what you’re looking to make and how much of it you need, another critical point for success is knowing how to speak the butcher’s language.

Here are some essential terms that will make communicating with your butcher a breeze and ensure the item they pack up is actually what you had in mind. (These are especially handy for those without excellent knife skills.)

Learn the Different Cuts of Beef

If you really want to feel like a pro, learning the different cuts of beef will give you an added confidence boost and help you easily identify what you’re looking for.

There are eight primal cuts of beef: Chuck, rib, loin, round, flank, short plate, brisket, and shank. Each of these have subsequent sub-primal and secondary cuts that include filet mignon, porterhouse, and ribeye.